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2014, ONETWO

"Hometown Pride" and "Milligrams (featuring Stax Osset)" produced by HAMLEY

Debuted at #3 on ARIA Albums chart


On "Hometown Pride":

"This is a song about Adelaide and my upbringing. I namedropped lots of things that only Adelaide people know as well just because I felt like it. I've done lots of music about being an outcast and feeling alienated in the past, so I wanted to do a happier song about being young. The song was produced by HAMLEY and basically stayed the same all the way through except the drums changed a little. I wrote the last verse when I was driving around in Adelaide, I think that's why the subject matter is kind of different to the other two verses. This is probably more 'boom bap' than the rest of the album but it's just so catchy I had to leave it on there."

- Allday (source:


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