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Music Producer / DJ

📍Melbourne, Australia

Showing the sophistication and prowess of a practiced veteran, Hamley (born James Hamley) has been able to work with some of the top-tier hip-hop artists of Australia at the mere age of 25, solidifying him as one of Australia’s freshest purveyors of hip-hop production and mixing.

After studying a Bachelor of Music at Queensland’s University of Technology, Hamley is now based in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and has gone on to work with some of Australia’s most successful hip-hop artists including Allday, Dex and Maundz. He assisted with production on three tracks from Allday’s 2017 album ‘Speeding’ which was nominated for Best Independent Hip Hop Album of 2017 by the Independent Record Labels Association. Hamley has also recently received Triple J play on a string of singles that he produced for imbi the girl, Boy Graduate and Françoistunes.


Whilst Hamley has experience in engineering, mixing, mastering and DJ work, his true expertise lies within his ability to transform any novice concept into a fully developed reality. Working on a recent single from Boy Graduate called ‘I’m Not Ready’ Hamley states that he was able to “take that song from a simple throwaway beat to a full song”.



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